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  • About us

    ICAS srl (International Company of Agro Scienze) is a company founded in July 2006 by people who have been working in the agro furniture market since the ‘80s.

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  • Mission

    Our mission is to innovate the nutrition field, in order to increase harvest, to respect the environment and to give the consumer safe productions with the lower content of chemical residues.

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  • Activity

    Fertilizer production for conventional agriculture and biological agriculture. Importation and  Exportation of fertilizers and biostimulants.Trade of fertilizers and biostimulants on the national market.

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Our experience, the unadulterated raw materials used, the correct balance of elements, the presence of both nutritive and biostimulating fractions inside products allow us to offer you appropriate solutions which affect optimally on all the morpho physiological processes.


Our products are formulated with mineral and organic molecules of high purity and quality. ICAS products derive from a thermo-regulated mixing of these two main components, tested after have passed tests about efficacy, cytotoxicity, miscibility and stability.

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